About Premier Mortgage Group

A Senior Mortgage Advisor for Premier Mortgage Group since 2009, Alicia Alpenfels has more than 17 years of success in the mortgage industry. Based in Boulder, she oversees all aspects of the mortgage transaction to ensure a smooth experience and makes certain her clients have been provided all the information necessary to make well-informed decisions.

The Situation

Alicia Alpenfels had been working in the mortgage industry for more than a decade when she decided it was time to grow her business further. But to do so, she knew she would need greater accountability to help her track her progress toward goals and give her a broader perspective on her business.


To stay focused on her goals, Alicia started working with an executive coach for Small Business Coaching.

With her coach, Alicia developed a Life Plan, Business Plan and Business Vision to map out her priorities and understand her direction for the future. Her coach worked with her to identify the disciplines and next steps that would allow her to move from where she was to where she wanted to be.

As an outside observer, Alicia’s coach provided an objective perspective on her plans to help her weigh her options and choose the best path forward.


While working with her coach, Alicia doubled her business from closing about $24 million in mortgage loan origination to about $52 million.

Alicia learned to stop doubting herself because her coach helped her realize that she could achieve her goals.

With a vision to work toward in her business, Alicia found a greater sense of purpose in her work.

“I would recommend coaching for anybody who wants to grow their business, create the structure behind their business, and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing in their business.”
– Alicia Alpenfels, Senior Mortgage Advisor, Premier Mortgage Group