About Tarbell Management Group

Headquartered on the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory in the Northern New York Region, Tarbell Management Group (TMG) is a family-owned and operated business that was created in 2004 to support a variety of business within the Tarbell Family, including Convenience Stores and Fuel Stations, Native American Specialty Retail, Hospitality and Food Service, Wholesale Petroleum, Telecommunications, Petroleum and Freight Transportation. TMG supports the family businesses with services such as Accounting and Finance Planning, Advertising and Marketing, Information Technology and Systems Management, Facilities Management, Loss Prevention and Security, Operational Management, Human Resources and Recruiting Services to ensure the success of each business.

The Situation

Tarbell Management Group CEO Brandon Tarbell has been proud to be part of his family’s business since he graduated from high school. But after leading the company for two decades, he realized that the way he was living his life didn’t match up with the way he wanted to be remembered. He wanted to build a better legacy through his life and leadership, so he sought an outside perspective from someone who had the experience and expertise to help him get there.


Brandon was matched with Executive Coach Raymond Gleason, who provides Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders.

Brandon completed a DISC assessment to learn about his natural and adapted leadership behavior. Analyzing the results, Coach Raymond gave Brandon practical tips to scale back his dominant leadership behavior and become more receptive to his teammates.

Drawing on years of coaching family business leaders, Coach Raymond worked with Brandon to identify points of challenge, drive accountability throughout the organization and redistribute talent as needed.

Brandon created a Life Plan to understand his main priorities in work and life. Coach Raymond’s practical advice and thoughtful questions helped Brandon develop and maintain the disciplines to balance life as a husband, father and CEO.


Having moved into roles that fit their strengths, Brandon’s teammates are thriving — and the company is growing as a result.

Since recognizing his dominant leadership style, Brandon has built a more collaborative culture where his teammates feel comfortable speaking up.

By prioritizing his family and personal life, Brandon has maintained strong relationships with his children as they’ve grown from teenagers to adults.

“I recommend a coach to anybody who needs direction in their life — not to tell them what to do, but to ask the right questions, to get you to start living an intentional life.”
– Brandon Tarbell, CEO, Tarbell Management Group