The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

By Daniel Harkavy

In times of uncertainty and constant change, you must see beyond your own knowledge and experience so that you can gain the perspective necessary to improve your leadership effectiveness.

Based on his 35 years of coaching high-performing leaders, teams and organizations – along with dozens of interviews with leading business executives – Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy shares a simple yet proven framework to help you make better decisions and improve your influence.

Moving beyond leadership theory, this book provides practical examples, tools and strategies to help every leader see their business from these 7 crucial perspectives:

Current Reality

Leaders need to have both feet firmly planted in current reality. If they don’t have a handle on today’s business, they will be unable to effectively lead through today’s opportunities and challenges. Without this perspective, your ability to make sound and relevant decisions is greatly hindered. Then, your team loses confidence and you lose influence.


Leaders need to see beyond today to where the business is going in the future and paint a clear and compelling picture that excites others to join them on a journey to someplace special. Not only do people want it and need it – but leadership requires it.

Strategic Bets

Leaders place strategic bets to close the gap from their current reality to their long-term vision and drive their organization forward with clarity and confidence. These three to five initiatives are above and beyond the normal scope of operations.

The Team

Leaders are able to not only see the business from their team’s perspective but also ask the right questions to best understand the unique challenges and opportunities only their teammates can see.

Our Customer

Leaders must understand what it feels like to do business with their company or organization. To serve them well, a leader must know who their clients are, why they value their product
or service and what their current and future business needs are.

Your Role

Leaders need to clearly see the unique value that they bring to their organization and have complete clarity on how to execute on those activities. They must focus their energy on the
activities that they and only they can do – while either delegating or growing capacity to handle additional responsibilities. 

The Outsider

Leaders need to challenge their thinking and perspective by seeking insight from an outsider. This unbiased input can broaden thinking, highlight blind spots and stretch leaders past
their comfort zones. Leaders must actively seek and develop these trust-driven relationships.

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