Becoming a Coaching Leader

By Daniel Harkavy

Employees want and expect more from their leaders and organizations than ever before. They’re not just looking to be managed – they want to find a place where they belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop.

So for you to meet this need (and develop a magnetic culture while delivering extraordinary results in the process), you need to be more than a manager – you need to become a coaching leader.

In Becoming a Coaching Leader, Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy offers practical advice on why you should add “coach” to your title and how to use coaching skills to create vibrant and engaged teams.

This practical book will provide you a step-by-step guide to develop the mindset, skills, systems and tools of a coaching leader so that you find a new sense of purpose in your role, better grow and develop those you lead and deliver extraordinary results for both you and your organization.

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