4 Tools for Better Self-Leadership [Video]

In this Virtual Coaching Tip, our founder and CEO Daniel Harkavy shares four essential tools to help you lead yourself – and ultimately your team and organization – better.

Learn about each of these tools and how they can help take you from where you are in life to where you want to be.

Apply these tools and plans to your leadership journey.
An experienced, dedicated coach can walk you through each tool and help you build a detailed, custom plan in our Fundamentals of Self-Leadership program.

Video Transcript

Hey there. I’m Daniel Harkavy and I’m the CEO of Building Champions. I also serve as a CEO Mentor and an Executive Coach and I want to welcome you to today’s Virtual Coaching Tip.


For the last 25 years, I’ve been walking side-by-side with leaders like you and helping them to improve how they live and how they lead. And today’s tip has to do with your feelings versus your disciplines or behaviors.


So, 25 years ago, when we launched Building Champions, we created the Core Four. And back then, I had no idea of why the Core Four worked like I do know today. Today, there’s been so much brain science around having plans that you can focus on, that help you to attend to what matters most so that you can then inhibit the noise.


And if you have a discipline for working memory, for remembering what matters most and focusing on it on a daily basis, well, over time, you’ll transform your thinking, your beliefs, and your behaviors, which then leads to much better results.


All right. The Core Four. 25 years old. We’ve been encouraging you to write a Life Plan, a plan that helps you to figure out how to go from where you are in life to where you want to be in all the areas of your life that matter most.


The reason this is important is because self-leadership always precedes team leadership, and many leaders will get way out of balance and they’ll allow their careers to consume so much of them and their energy that they give their best there and then they give their leftovers to the other areas of their life that can truly bring them joy and happiness and satisfaction over the long haul.


A Life Plan, when built and then reviewed, can help you to stay the course. That’s the first element of the Core Four. The second is vision – having a long-term vision for us leaders, we need to see where we’re headed and it needs to be clear and compelling. And if you have a vision that you can review over and over and that you can build plans to accomplish in the days ahead, well, then what will happen is you will continue to lean forward.


You’ll be on the offense, you’ll take risks and you will be leading your organization, your team to a better tomorrow. If you’ve got that in writing and you’re sharing it regularly, again, it transformed thinking belief, behavior, and decision-making.


The third element is a one page business plan. A one-page plan. Where in today’s times, if you can just put a plan together for the quarter ahead, what your goals or outcomes are, what your disciplines are and what your improvements are. If you could put a one-page plan together and focus on that quarter by quarter, you will see those disciplines and those projects or improvements begin to populate your calendar.


And you’ll begin doing more of those things, which move you from where you are today to that vision. I write all about this in The 7 Perspectives. The fourth element of the Core Four is priority management.


When you’ve got your life plan, you’ve got your vision, you’ve got your business plan. You now are crystal clear on all of your priorities in business and in life. And now that you have those in writing, your brain can focus in on those.


If you review them on a regular basis, you attend to those and you inhibit all of the noise, meaning you don’t spend all the time on social media, you don’t spend time in the meetings that don’t matter, you don’t spend time doing the things that won’t get you the results that you’re after in business and in life. Take the time to write your Core Four and then be disciplined with reviewing it.


If you do, you’ll transform your thinking, your belief, your feelings, your behaviors, and you’ll get the results that you want.


Guarantee it, 25 years and tens of thousands of lives, tens of thousands of careers, all impacted by focusing on these four things. We’re here to help. Thank you.


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