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Dan Foster, Vice President and Principal Coach at Building Champions, shares three mistakes he made on his journey to becoming a coaching leader. If you missed last week’s video on his journey, you can watch it here.


Dan Foster, Vice President and Principal Coach at Building Champions, shares his journey from being a manager to becoming a coaching leader. 


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Moving from Manager to Coach – 4 Steps to Becoming a Coaching Leader



Video Transcript

You know from the moment I became a manager, I knew I wanted to do things different from how I had been managed in the past. Not that I had terrible managers in my career. In fact, I’m still friends with a number of people who managed me early on.


When it comes to effective management and great coaching leadership, one-on-one meetings (1x1s) with your people are a necessity. Without regular, scheduled time with your people, it is nearly impossible to lead and engage them well.

Regular 1x1s allow you to stay connected to your team, hear what’s happening and important to them (both at work and in their life) and provide the support, encouragement and accountability that’s required of you as a leader.

So if you are a leader that isn’t currently having regular 1x1s with your people, that’s the first step – and honestly a non-negotiable. So as soon as your done reading this, make sure to get those scheduled ASAP.


When it comes to what employees are looking for from their employers, the standard is higher than ever before. For my parent’s generation, most were content if they had solid wages, safe working conditions and a boss who didn’t yell at them too much.

Command and control were the standard leadership style, and career advancement, connection to a meaningful purpose and development opportunities weren’t on most people’s minds. But today they are front and center as employees wield more power, control and choice than ever before.

Now, employees change jobs and even careers at an unprecedented pace as they look for more meaning, connection and purpose. Before it was about a paycheck and the promise of a promotion; today it’s about finding a place where they belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop.



Business leaders like to talk about creating a coaching culture because they’ve heard enough about it to know it’s a good thing. But they may not really know what it means or why it’s so important. 


Most managers think they’re good leaders. After all, people don’t want to be bad at something, and if they think they are, they’ll generally work to improve or stop trying altogether.


Being a coaching leader is about so much more than having good management skills. It requires a consistent commitment to learning.


We want you to see yourself as more than a manager.


In my years of coaching, I’ve observed that extraordinary leaders are fueled by conviction, courage and passion. They hold deep convictions about helping others to improve and have mastered the skills and disciplines needed to help others reach peak levels of performance.



If you’ve ever attended an industry conference and heard a motivational speaker, then you know how those speakers have a certain way of getting us inspired.


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