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When it comes to what employees are looking for from their employers, the standard is higher than ever before. For my parent’s generation, most were content if they had solid wages, safe working conditions and a boss who didn’t yell at them too much.

Command and control were the standard leadership style, and career advancement, connection to a meaningful purpose and development opportunities weren’t on most people’s minds. But today they are front and center as employees wield more power, control and choice than ever before.

Now, employees change jobs and even careers at an unprecedented pace as they look for more meaning, connection and purpose. Before it was about a paycheck and the promise of a promotion; today it’s about finding a place where they belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop.


When the front lines of HR are reviewing job applications, they’re likely scanning for experience and education. But for executives charged with unifying and leading teams, making a great hire requires something else as well: cohesion.


Sit for a moment and think about one or two people who have influenced you, your life, your ideals, your behaviors, more than anything or anyone else.


Today’s business environment is marked by change: managers and their teams have to deal with rapidly evolving technology, greater risk appetite and more employee turnover. Against this backdrop of so much change, business leaders know work cultures must shift as the organization evolves. Yet while changing a workplace policy might be easy, shifting a culture can be incredibly tough on any organization. You can’t simply announce a new way of working and expect everyone to fall in line. Instead, implementing that new vision takes strong leadership and stellar communication skills.


If you are in busi­ness, then it’s a guar­an­tee that you will encounter dif­fi­cul­ties or tough times. Stuff hap­pens that is unplanned and unex­pected. Some chal­lenges are big. Some start out small, and quickly esca­late. Some chal­lenges can be of our own mak­ing, and some may be the result of exter­nal changes.


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