I do the same thing, every year, before I put up Christmas decorations.


What do Fred Smith, Bill Gates and Walt Disney have in common?  If you guessed they were great leaders, you guessed right. They are/were great leaders for so many reasons, but today I want to share the top two things great leaders DON’T do that makes them great leaders.


This week starts our examination of The 7 Deadly Sins of a Sales Professional. The first sin – apathy, can wreck any sales professional’s dreams of reaching their goals.


The best way to remove a band-aid is to quickly rip it off  which produces a sharp, short pain. Then you are done – the memory quickly fading. Slowly removing a band aid in order to minimize the pain never works. It only stretches out the process which is more traumatizing.


My pastor told a story at church about being on top of a ski mountain in Colorado when his 5 year old daughter decided she was done skiing for the day. They were with a whole group of people, and he didn’t want anyone else to be disappointed, so he told them all to go enjoy their day of skiing and he would take her down. They missed the gondola ride, so he and his daughter had to ski back to their hotel. If you ask him, he will admit to also missing the turn off for the greens (the easiest run). After yet another wrong turn – he was looking down the better part of a black diamond run – to make it an even better story, it had moguls (strategically placed little bumps) all the way down. (more…)

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Getting Along With Others [Video]

Learning to walk in someone else’s shoes or seeing things from their perspective can go a long way in generating harmony between people. However, like many things worth doing, it’s often easier said than done. Executive Coach Todd Mosetter shares one simple way to help change what you think and feel about those around you.

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