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Dan Foster, Vice President and Principal Coach at Building Champions, shares his journey from being a manager to becoming a coaching leader. 


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Moving from Manager to Coach – 4 Steps to Becoming a Coaching Leader



Video Transcript

You know from the moment I became a manager, I knew I wanted to do things different from how I had been managed in the past. Not that I had terrible managers in my career. In fact, I’m still friends with a number of people who managed me early on.


You’ve seen the memes, you’ve watched the parodies, and you’ve probably already attended what might feel like a million hours – virtual meetings are the new way we’re communicating. While many features are similar to meetings you hold in person, there are key areas that make or break the success of your pivot to virtual. 

Katie Hoffman has been leading world-class in-person meetings and experiences for our company and clients for more than a decade. So, it’s no surprise that she hopped in with both feet to help our entire team “up” our virtual meeting game. We asked her to share some of the important areas to focus on when organizing or leading a virtual meeting. Here are her top four tips.


Humans are relational beings and social at heart – and, recent circumstances have challenged this more than any time in memory. Throughout much of the World, we have been forced to change how we live and work. Not everybody has been affected in the same way, but everyone is affected in some way. 

How we work as teams is perhaps most impacted. One of the primary responsibilities of the leader is to ensure their teams are working collaboratively and cohesively, to complete projects successfully together and to accomplish stated goals. In these difficult times, many of the best practices that involve natural, personal interactions have been tested, and leaders are having to adapt and learn new ways to manage their teams and keep them healthy and effective. 

All indications are that this is not a short-term challenge. In the coming months, as restrictions begin to loosen up, there will not only be the physical necessities to keep people safely separated, but we will be dealing with a wide spectrum of feelings and attitudes toward how we work together depending on individuals’ comfort levels to get back to ‘normal’. Right now, it’s hard to imagine even within the next couple of years we will be fully interacting as we did in the pre-Covid world. 


Managing and leading are similar, but don’t be confused – they’re different. It’s helpful to look at the definitions for each and the synonyms to offer more insight. A manager administers, controls and supervises while a leader provides guidance, direction and leads. Still a little murky?


 Studies show that the CEO-CFO relationship bears strongly on a CFO’s success and longevity in their role. 


Sometimes without meaning to, we categorize “team development” as a one-off task to be completed by a coach or facilitator of some sort. We see it as a point-in-time exercise rather than an ongoing practice that’s woven into everything we do. And as a result, we often fall far short of where we want our teams to be in their development. 


If you ever spend time wondering what your team members need from you, you’re not alone. Most leaders have struggled with figuring out how to do a better job supporting their staff members. True leadership is hard, and those who take it seriously know it means working on self-improvement and motivating your team to do the same.


With the resources on leadership available everywhere today, from books to workshops to podcasts, it seems like we should all have this thing figured out by now, doesn’t it? So why don’t we? Why do we need executive coaching in this day and age?


Many great coaching leaders use storytelling to help employees visualize an idea and emphasize its importance.


There are a lot of sources for advice on being successful — some good, some bad. But we know there are a few key things successful people do:


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