5 Elements to Look for in a Business Coaching Firm

Sooner or later, many business owners and leaders reach a point where they realize a) they don’t like where they are, b) they didn’t mean to get to where they are, or c) they have no idea where to go now. While this process can be frustrating and upsetting, it’s a valuable one because it means they’ve realized they want something different in life and can start taking steps to identify and then achieve their goals.

If you’ve evaluated your life personally and professionally and found it lacking, it’s time to take action. You have the opportunity to engage in professional coaching to help you figure out what’s really important to you and identify the steps to make those things happen. 

You can start by finding the right coaching organization. Here’s what you should look for in a business coaching program to ensure it can get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Choose a Coaching Program That Offers These Elements

The right methodology

First, make sure your coaching organization’s methodologies and coaching program align with your core beliefs. Your coach needs to be focused on both your life and business goals and to see professional success as part of the overall picture and not the end-all-be-all. At its core, professional coaching is about making you a better leader – a better leader at work, a better leader at home, and a better leader in your community. It’s about ensuring that the things you spend your time and energy on are truly the things that matter to you and allowing you then to do a better job on all those important things.

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Proven track record

The organization should have a strong reputation and proven track record for coaching clients with challenges similar to yours. At Building Champions, we know how to help you identify what you want to change, then guide you to create a solid plan to keep you motivated and on track to ultimately achieve your goals. 

We’ve honed our coaching practices over more than two decades, allowing us to apply real-world successes and learnings while continually developing strategies that work for our clients. With clients of various sizes across multiple industries, we bring experience and knowledge to help you and your team increase your effectiveness, improve your quality of life, and achieve your business goals.

A well-stocked coaching toolbox provides numerous ways for a coach to aid in your development. Those tools might include a 360-degree feedback survey and assessment, DISC assessments, and more. Once a coach starts to understand where you struggle, it’s critical that they have multiple options to help you gather more information about yourself, your performance, and how others see you in order to help you effectively grow and develop.

Coach matching options

One of the most critical components in finding a great coach is finding a good match for you. While generally, a skilled coach can help virtually anyone who wants to be helped, finding someone you respect and connect with can make a difference in both the immediate and overall efficacy of your coaching process. Just as you shouldn’t see a doctor or therapist you don’t like, you want to like your coach so you can build a rapport and learn and grow.

Building Champions has more than 20 coaches so we are able to meet you where you are. We can help you find a coach who “speaks your language” and understand what motivates you.

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While there is very real value in learning from those you work with, those people know the same people you do, and they will have a tendency to allow their own experiences to influence their opinions on any given situation, including siding with you on an issue when you would benefit from being challenged, as well as assuming you were wrong and someone else was right based on their own relationships. An outsider has the opportunity to question from both perspectives to help you uncover what might really be going on under the surface. Similarly, with a coworker’s day-to-day experiences being much like yours, they are likely to have trouble taking a step back and seeing creative solutions or places to challenge the status quo. Those outcomes are far more likely to come from someone outside the organization.

Time and time again, coaching clients talk about the value of the objective perspective their coach brings to the coaching engagement. It’s hard to truly quantify the value brought to discussions when the coach has no agenda, no preconceived notions about the people involved, and no personal stake in the outcome. This allows the coach to ask tough questions and provide perspectives the client can’t likely come up with on their own as they are immersed in the situation. The simple act of your coach asking even logistical questions that someone inside the company wouldn’t have reason to ask can add tremendous value to the experience and allow you to consider aspects you wouldn’t have on your own.

Open Communication

A great coach is honest and forthright. They care about you personally and professionally, and they’re willing to do the hard work alongside you to achieve your goals. And while they’re always in your corner, sometimes they’ll have to be (nicely) cruel to be kind. A coach who isn’t willing to tell you hard truths might make you feel better short-term but will only further hinder your development.

Coaching sessions must be a safe space where they can say what you need to hear and you are likewise allowed to speak freely. When you are free to express frustrations, and they have license to tell you the truth, the real work can begin. You can identify the true root of the issues you’re facing in your life and start working towards effective strategies for resolution.

Additionally, this give-and-take means that you can offer feedback if something isn’t working for you so that you can work together to find alternative approaches.

The Bottom Line

Not all coaching firms are equal. You need to find one that provides these 5 key elements to help you succeed. 

Think we might be the right organization to help you achieve your goals and get from where you are to where you want to go? Contact us to find out if we’re the right professional coaching fit for you.


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