How a Business Plan Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A few years ago, one of our clients, a coaching leader who has several thousand employees, began to disseminate his Business Vision and shared it with all of his staff so everyone would have an opportunity to take ownership of it.

Immediately his teammates turned his vision into an external marketing campaign so that future talent would feel an irresistible desire to join the team. Even today, all of this company’s marketing and recruiting material contains frequent references to some aspect of his original vision.

As this client learned, deciding to begin valuing a business and using Business Vision can be a powerful tool for driving your team and organization forward. And failing to clearly articulate your vision can hold you back.

Do you struggle with business planning or implementation? Do initiatives in your organization frequently start and then stop? Have you noticed continued changes in direction? Do you struggle with your team failing to buy into ideas? Is turnover the norm in your culture?

If problems like these hound you, it’s probably not that you developed bad business plans or that you’re a poor leader or manager. More often than not, the struggle reflects a failure to effectively clarify your company vision. Somehow, you’re not clearly communicating how your completed plans or objectives will move your organization to a new and better reality. You’re not letting others see what you see for the company at some point in the future. Long-term success usually eludes the visionless leader.

Cast a Vision, Then Make a Plan

To begin valuing a business and overcome these kinds of obstacles, your Business Vision absolutely must precede your Business Plan. The vast majority of problems regarding execution and planning are a direct result of the lack of a clear company vision.

Vision is strategic, not tactical. It sheds light on who you will become and what services or products you will create years from now, whereas the tactical is usually now — this year. Vision defines what you stand for, why you exist and who your team will become. It’s the necessary framework for future product offerings and services, and it provides the foundation for all plans. The Business Vision is an essential guidance tool used in countless ways for decision making, storytelling, recruiting, staff retention, team building, performance reviews and so on.

What is Valuing a Business Accomplishing?

Prospective teammates want to hear what they could be a part of and why you need their help. A clear and compelling Business Vision lets them know how they fit into the big picture.

Employees today will leave visionless companies if they get a chance to join a leader and an organization that can clearly spell out how they’re needed. They want to see how their gifts, talents and experiences, when used in synergy with other skilled teammates, will enable them to create something more powerful, successful and special than they could create elsewhere. It’s always good to tell the story of where you’ve come from, where you are today and where you see the team going in the years ahead.

The effective Business Vision helps your team members:

  • Understand what their company stands for
  • Make decisions that radically impact the company because they know what is important
  • See opportunities when they present themselves and act on them
  • Be more committed to their work and build on the company vision
  • Connect their role to a greater purpose

The effective Business Vision helps your organization:

  • Find clarity in business planning and recruiting
  • Create big goals and establish landmarks
  • Move from tactical to the strategic
  • Become a culture of execution
  • Define its direction

The effective Business Vision helps you:

  • Be more confident, increase your clarity and deepen your convictions
  • See the Big Picture rather than just the immediate
  • Appreciate the significance of what you’re building
  • Stay focused, energized and on track
  • Make better decisions

Create a Business Vision Today

If you’re in the process of identifying or casting your company vision for 2019, download this complimentary Business Vision Tool that our executive coaches use with clients.

It guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a Business Vision that will effect real change in your organization.


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