Q & A: Meet Wendi Kroll, Executive Coach & HR Consultant

This fall, human resources consultant Wendi Kroll joined our team of Executive Coaches!

Wendi brings a passion for helping leaders grow and use their gifts, as well as more than 25 years of human resources expertise, and we’re excited for you to get to know her as an empathetic coach and engaging leader.

We recently sat down with Wendi to hear more about her background, what drew her to Building Champions and what she’s looking forward to in her new role as an Executive Coach.

Building Champions: How did you come to Building Champions? 

Wendi Kroll: I knew a current Building Champions CEO Mentor, and he offered to help me evaluate and grow my HR firm, Essential HR. After he learned more about what we did, he suggested that my firm might be a good strategic partner with Building Champions, so he introduced me to the president. 

As I learned about the methodology, the process, the people and the culture, I thought how cool it would be to work with Building Champions. So, the conversation changed to how I could become a coach… and I couldn’t be more honored to be part of this amazing organization.

BC: What were your first impressions of Building Champions? 

WK: I was so impressed with the vision, the culture, the amazing work Building Champions does and the amazing people on the team. They walk their talk, living out all the principles they coach with. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Building Champions Executive Coach Wendi Kroll with her kids

BC: You’ve led Essential HR for more than 15 years; what are some of the greatest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

WK: There have been so many, but I think the most difficult task was continuously scaling the business to fit the needs of the clients and the needs of the employees. As a consulting firm, we wanted to support our clients in their time of need, which may not be consistent. 

BC: What’s one experience that has influenced your role as a leader? 

WK: I’ve been influenced from several places, but I think the biggest impact was The Speed of Trust. I learned—from this book, the training and facilitating the training—how essential trust is for the success of businesses and personal relationships. It’s the foundation for everything. Especially employee engagement, which leads to customer engagement, and ultimately increases the bottom line

BC: Who’s the greatest leader you’ve ever worked for and why?

WK: Lisa Pinkard, VP of HR. Lisa was committed to developing me and giving me opportunities. She invested her time, energy and passion for HR. She cared for me as a whole person, and we became friends outside of work, doing things with our kids. There was high trust in our relationship, which made all of the difference. 

Building Champions Executive Coach Wendi Kroll walking her dogs in California

BC: How would you describe your coaching style? 

WK: I coach with empathy, seeking to understand where a client is, and how I can best support them to achieve their victories and overcome their challenges. Being curious and solution-oriented is key to my style. 

BC: What’s your favorite leadership quote?

WK: “Clear is kind: Unclear is unkind.” – Brene Brown

BC: What was the last book you read? 

WK: I just finished Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown and “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by Lori Gottlieb. Both were amazing books!

BC: How do you enjoy spending time outside of work? 

WK: Horseback riding, working out (spin, weight training, running), Bikram yoga, paddle-boarding, interior decorating, waterskiing, skiing, traveling, going to concerts, going to the theatre, walking the dogs, and spending time with my two grown kids.



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