Virtual Offerings Announced Available by Building Champions, Inc. for Teams, Organizations, and Enterprises

[Lake Oswego, OR, June 6, 2020]: Building Champions announced its wide variety of virtual offerings available to teams, organizations, and enterprises. With many still working remotely during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Building Champions recognizes it is even harder for teams to connect, grow, and focus upon professional development. That is why they have created virtual workshops, webinars, and even an online system for training managers to become coaching leaders. Below are a few virtual offerings.

90-Minute Virtual Sessions

It Starts with Self-Leadership

This virtual session focuses upon four fundamental areas of self-leadership including well-being, personal vision, productivity, and execution. The workshop explores how to balance both work and life so self-leadership can be the top priority.

Focusing on Your Mindset

This virtual workshop unpacks proven methods to help leaders better manage their own mindset so they can better show up for those around them. We believe that how we show up as leaders directly affects our teams and the results we get.

Leading in Difficult Times

This workshop explores key factors that drive beliefs and behaviors in difficult times, and how leaders can overcome them. The insight and tools provided in this session will allow leaders to put themselves and their people not only in a position to survive but thrive during seasons of change and uncertainty.

Anatomy of a Leader

This workshop offers a “Leadership Checkup” by walking through key systems to help diagnose where leaders are doing well and where attention is needed in the areas of head, heart, eyes, ears/mouth, hands/feet, and gut.

Leadership from the Inside Out

This workshop walks through the results of the Positive Intelligence (PQ) assessment. It helps leaders unpack the beliefs that drive their behaviors. An Executive Coach then helps the leaders process and understand the narrative either holding their leadership potential back—or propelling it forward.

Becoming a Coaching Leader

This virtual workshop explores the mindset, skills, structure, and focus of Coaching Leaders. In this session, leaders will learn how to foster a culture of belonging for their team—while encouraging the contribution of meaningful work and proving opportunities for growth and development.

Challenging Your Team’s Mindset

This workshop walks through the three most common challenges facing teams today and provides practical strategies to equip teams to overcome them. Leaders are responsible for helping to manage and focus the mindset of their teams – especially during times of change and uncertainty.

Improving Team Health

In this virtual session the common ingredients all healthy teams share will be examined while leveraging Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Model. By the end of the workshop, practical strategies to improve team health will be identified.

Keys to Effective Communication

In this workshop, the DISC model will be utilized, and an Executive Coach will walk through each member’s unique communication behavior style. Time will be focused upon effective ways team members can better engage, collaborate and communicate with one another.

The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

In this virtual session, a proven model to help improve decision-making and increase influence will be shared. By the end of the workshop, leaders will have learned a simple framework to improve decisions, maximize influence, and increase leadership effectiveness.


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Becoming a Coaching Leader Course

This dynamic virtual training program will transform managers into effective coaching leaders. By re-enforcing key concepts from the framework and addressing specific challenges facing leaders and teams, these online sessions will accelerate adoption, engagement and effectiveness. A team can take the course together, or a single manager can participate in the program.

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