Elevate Your Self Coaching

Take Your Leadership to New Heights

Elevate Your Self is a six-month coaching program designed to help you improve the way you lead yourself so you can have the greatest impact on those around you. Working one-on-one with your own Leadership Coach, you’ll explore the key concepts needed to be successful in each area – always driving to a proven and practical tool to consistently put the practice in action so you can see real results.

Building Champions has successfully led thousands of individuals for more than 25 years. A personal coach will bring their experience and expertise to help you be the best version of yourself as you strive to make self-leadership a top priority.

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Program Focus


Ensure you are investing in your own physical, social and emotional well-being so you can give your best to others


Understand your personal purpose, convictions and envisioned future so you can align yourself with teams and cultures that bring out your best


Get clarity on your role and the true high-payoff activities that allow you to make the greatest contribution


Create a system and structure to help you maintain focus and prioritize the right activities to be successful

Program Overview

  • 6-month coaching experience includes 7 hours of coaching over 12 sessions
  • Dedicated coach with hands-on experience to guide your journey
  • Access to a library of tools to improve your leadership and effectiveness
  • Proven process refined over 25 years of working with high-performing individuals

Primary Audience

  • Emerging leaders
  • Managers within larger organizations
  • Small business owners
  • Leaders in not-for-profit
  • Self-employed
  • Individual performers and solopreneurs

Key Benefits

  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Clearer vision of their desired future
  • Absolute focus on how to execute plans to drive toward future
  • New ways of planning and managing priorities for improved productivity
  • Improved leadership effectiveness and ability to deliver results

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