Becoming a Coaching Leader Virtual Group Training

Leveraging presentations, online learning and group discussions, we’ve created a dynamic virtual group training program to transform your managers into effective coaching leaders. By re-enforcing key concepts from the framework and addressing specific challenges facing your leaders and teams, these group sessions will accelerate adoption, engagement and effectiveness.

Based on both research and hands-on experience coaching high-performing leaders, teams and organizations for more than 25 years, the Becoming a Coaching Leader framework will help you transform your managers into coaching leaders by focusing on:

  • Mindset and beliefs that separate managers from coaching leaders
  • Key skills all coaching leaders need to be effective
  • Four conversations every leader must have to drive engagement and results
  • Proven systems and tools to effectively and efficiently bring out the best in others

Program Components

  • 90-Minute Kick-off Webinar: Introduce framework to align and engage participants so they get the most out of the experience
  • Course Access: Participants work through the course at their own pace over a set time frame
  • 90-Minute Capstone Webinar: Re-enforce key concepts, work through individual needs and challenges and ensure participants are set-up to execute on the coaching leader strategy