DISC Assessment and Debrief

Understand the Way You Work and Communicate

Backed by 30 years of research, DISC is the one of the most widely used behavioral assessments to improve teamwork and understand different communicational styles. Taking a DISC Assessment can help you understand where you’re at your best, what situations will be challenging for you and how you can improve your interactions with others.

Our DISC-Certified Executive Coaches use these results as a tool to help clients understand their own working style, how to best collaborate with others and leverage new skills that create high-performing teams.

Product Components

Detailed Report

In-depth picture of your unique behavioral style combined with insights, recommendations and action items to better understand yourself and how to effectively communicate with others

Debrief Session

60-minute session with a DISC-certified Executive Coach to review your report, answer specific questions and design an action plan to transform the way you communicate and collaborate

Understanding DISC

  • Dominance: How we respond to problems or challenges. Dominant individuals tend to be extroverted and task-oriented.
  • Influence: How we influence and relate to people and contacts. Influential individuals tend to be extroverted and people-oriented.
  • Steadiness: How we respond to pace and consistency. Steady individuals tend to be introverted and people-oriented.
  • Compliance: How we respond to procedures and constraints. Compliant individuals tend to be introverted, very reserved and task-oriented.


  • Understand your communication style
  • Learn about how you are likely to respond in varied situations
  • Improve your interactions with others
  • Identify and amplify your value within your organization
  • Understand how others perceive you