EQ Assessment and Debrief

Understand the Power of Emotional Intelligence

We offer the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment through TTI Success Insights. This assessment addresses both the interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional intelligence of an individual. The in-depth assessment debrief will help you understand your ability to sense, understand, and regulate self and social situations that enable high levels of collaboration and productivity. People with emotional intelligence tend to:

  • Be aware of their own emotional states and the impact they have.
  • Be aware of others’ emotional states and the impact they have.
  • Take action to manage or impact their own emotional states for the better.
  • Take action to manage or impact others’ emotional states for the better.

Walking through the results of this assessment with a trained Executive Coach can help you unpack they why behind certain behaviors and identify areas for growth to become a more empathetic and self-aware human both at work and at home.

Product Components

Detailed Report

Designed to present EQ in a simple and effective model that can be applied immediately, including tips and recommendations to improve and better leverage EQ

Debrief Session

60-minute session with an EQ-certified Executive Coach to review your report, answer specific questions and design an action plan to transform the way you connect, relate and influence other people

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Self-Awareness: How actively we take our emotional temperature
  • Self-Regulation: How actively we manage our emotional states in a positive manner
  • Motivation: How actively we use our emotional energy to move us closer to our goals
  • Empathy: How actively we observe others’ emotional temperature
  • Social Skills: How actively we manage the emotional states of others


  • Gain greater awareness of the emotional triggers that could be holding you back in your professional and personal relationships
  • Understand your natural ability to sense, understand and regulate yourself in social situations
  • Get perspective on how your habits and behaviors are perceived by others