Focused 360 Coaching

Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

Kick-start your leadership development by gaining clarity on how others view you. Using 360 feedback from your peers, supervisors and direct reports, your executive coach will help you quickly identify both your strengths and growth opportunities to lead you toward greater effectiveness, fulfillment and results.

Leveraging a best-in-class 360 tool, you’ll gain new insight into both your reactive and creative leadership tendencies so you can create an actionable plan to improve your overall leadership effectiveness – all within a quick-hitting 60-day time frame.

Product Components

Detailed Report

Fueled by feedback from your supervisors, peers and direct reports, see how you measure in 29 dimensions of leadership as compared to a database of more than 100,000 global leaders

Debrief Session

Series of three 1×1 sessions with a certified Executive Coach to help you see your leadership potential in a new way and develop actionable plans to improve your effectiveness

Understanding the Model

  • Creative Competencies: These are the things leaders do that are highly correlated to leadership effectiveness and business performance. They tend be engaging, inspiring and unleashing of energy. They truly grow the leadership capacity and capability of organizations.
  • Reactive Tendencies: These are leadership behaviors that also get results, however they tend to be for the short-term. And they cost the organization or system around the leader – or the leader themselves – a lot of energy.


  • Understand how others view your leadership
  • Identify blind spots and gain greater perspective
  • Maximize your leadership strengths
  • Address your limitations
  • Accelerate your leadership development and effectiveness