Michael Regan

Executive Coach

With over 25 years of leadership experience in the manufacturing and mortgage banking industries, Michael has a proven track record of delivering results, increasing profitability and leading high-performing teams.

While he has a strategic mind and likes to ask challenging questions, his passion for leadership is rooted in a simple purpose: helping professional people get clear on what they really want so they can develop better plans to achieve better results.

Michael’s coaching journey began in 2007 after reading Becoming a Coaching Leader, by Daniel Harkavy. After finishing the book, he quickly became a client of Building Champions and spent the next several years implementing the Core Four in his personal and professional life. In addition to being coached, Michael also became a Coaching Leader in the mortgage industry where he helped others find the value of balance through intentional planning and specific priority management skills.

In 2013, Michael brought his leadership and coaching experience to Building Champions where he continues to help successful business professionals achieve better results, in business and in life. Michael is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Arizona State University.

Michael lives in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Lori. They have three adult children and enjoy cooking, family activities, pickleball with friends, and traveling together. Michael also enjoys biking, drumming, hiking, and following St. Louis Cardinals baseball. He is a chairman with two non-profit organizations.

“Complexity is the enemy of profitability, so always keep it simple.”
Michael Regan, Executive Coach

  • Behavioral Styles Analysis
  • Branding Communications
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Mortgage Lending Leadership
  • Production Process Development
  • Recruiting & Retention Strategies
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Focused 360 Coaching
  • Team Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
  • TTI Success Insights DISC Certified
  • Leadership Circle Profile Certified