Leaders Are Readers

Leverage the insight, expertise and experience of our coaching team to help you on your leadership journey. Based on our hands-on experience coaching high-performing teams and organizations, these practical books will provide you with strategies, tools and stories to navigate your own leadership challenges and find a path to success.

7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders Book Cover

The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

By Daniel Harkavy

In times of uncertainty and constant change, you must see beyond your own knowledge and experience so that you can gain the perspective necessary to improve...
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Becoming a Coaching Leader

By Daniel Harkavy

Employees want and expect more from their leaders and organizations than ever before. They’re not just looking to be managed – they want to find a place...
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Living Forward

By Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt

If you’re like most people, you want to lead a life of significance, joy and satisfaction.

But stuff happens – urgent deadlines,...
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White Collar Warrior

By Bill Hart

Become an elite sales professional by learning proven lessons from the warriors who set the global standard for operational excellence: the American military elite...
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