Elevate Coaching

Great leaders know they must be at their best in order to give their best. Our Elevate Coaching program offers structured six-month coaching engagements focused around specific areas. Designed to follow one after the other, Elevate Your Self focuses on the key areas that make up self-leadership while Elevate Your Team focuses on specific areas vital to the effectiveness and health of a team. Elevate your leadership by leading yourself well first – and watch your team and organization thrive.

Elevate Your Self

A six-month coaching program designed to help you improve the way you lead yourself so you can have the greatest impact on those around you.

Elevate Your Team

A six-month coaching program designed to help you improve the way you lead your team, deliver results, and create a dynamic culture.

I cannot call the experience anything less than life changing. The beginning of the program was eye opening; it really made me stop and analyze where I was in life both personally and professionally and make some difficult realizations regarding my priorities and convictions. It was as if a fog was lifted and I could see exactly what was important and what I needed to focus on. I have begun looking at my position differently, I have started to approach issues/opportunities with a new attitude, I am looking at my career completely differently, and I have already seen improvements in my personal life and marriage.

John Myles Byrd, CSP, Hoffman Construction of America