Custom Events

For more than 25 years, we’ve been creating custom events and experiences for our clients and their teams. Ranging in size from 20 people to 200, we leverage our unique skills to create a meaningful experience combining reflection, planning and connection time.

From dynamic speakers to facilitated small groups to connection activities and everything in between, our seasoned staff will work with you on every last detail to create a best-in-class event for your people – delivering both results and impact.

Each event is led by our experienced coaches and speakers who build in the right mix of main stage sessions, coaching breakouts and interactive connection activities for an engaging, effective experience.

While pulling from proven pieces of content and activities successfully refined over two decades, we customize each event to fit your unique culture and needs.

Contact us to learn more about how to create a custom event for your team or organization.

Key Components

  • Reflect: Structured time and process to allow attendees to examine and assess both their current reality (where they are at today) and envisioned future (what do they want from their business and life)
  • Plan: Proven processes and tools to help attendees identify concrete strategies and actions that will have the greatest impact on both how they lead and live
  • Connect: Intentional framework to allow attendees to connect with and learn from each other to both inspire and equip them to achieve better results


  • Improved team alignment and trust
  • Greater strategic clarity
  • Actionable plans to ensure continued progress
  • Greater results for your organization