Executive and Team Retreats

Your team is running in so many directions – it can be hard to find time to connect and build the alignment needed for the health of your team and the organization. Whether you are leading just a piece of the business or the entire organization, finding time to pull away and focus upon the strategy, direction, management and overall health of the business can make all the difference.

Guided by a seasoned executive coach, our executive retreats provide the structure and outside perspective required to quickly build clarity, unity, vision and momentum for your team.

Starting with big picture planning and interviews with all the appropriate stakeholders, we work together to create a powerful agenda that drives the right discussions and decisions while leaving space for meaningful (and sometimes difficult) conversations.


  • Interactive and dynamic group experience driven by a blend of reflection, discussion and activity
  • Flexible schedule to ensure the right things get done while leaving room for meaningful conversations
  • Pre-work and individual interviews fuel insights that enable the group to go further, faster
  • Can be delivered both in-person and virtual


  • Deeper levels of alignment, commitment and engagement from team members
  • Renewed sense of purpose and direction as a team
  • Fresh perspectives to fuel creativity and new way of seeing the business and solving problems
  • Tangible strategies and plans to drive the business forward around key priorities and initiatives

Sample Topics

While every retreat is unique, here are some common topics we’ve covered in past retreats:

  • Strategic Vision and Planning: Create a vivid picture of your future that sets the foundation for your culture and strategy
  • Improving Team Health: Improve the connection and cohesiveness of your team to fuel better performance and effectiveness
  • Taking Ground: Thoroughly assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your business to position your team to take ground in the season ahead
  • Maximum Contribution: Ensure every team member is clear on the unique contribution they bring to the team and business – and best positioned to make their maximum contribution
  • Building a Coaching Culture: Intentionally create a culture that develops leaders and builds leadership capacity throughout the organization by focusing on coaching leadership