Becoming a Coaching Leader

Silhouettes on cube boxes

Employees today wield more power, control and choice than ever before. They are looking for more than a paycheck and a promise of a promotion. Instead, they are looking for a place where they can belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop. We’ve been coaching leaders, teams and organizations for more than two decades — and our founder and CEO literally wrote the book on coaching leadership. We’ll bring the experience and expertise to help you and your team to build a thriving culture, one leader at a time.

Focus Areas

  • Mindset and beliefs that separate managers from coaching leaders
  • Key skills all coaching leaders need to be effective
  • Four conversations every leader must have to drive engagement and results
  • Proven systems and tools to effectively and efficiently bring out the best in others


  • Become inspired and equipped to be a Coaching Leader
  • Gain skills that will improve your ability to develop people and deliver results
  • Learn practical ways to support your employees’ well-being, vision, execution and productivity
  • Discover a proven structure for 1-on-1 meetings with your direct reports

Interested in other ways to bring coaching leadership to your people and organization? Check out our online course and virtual group training programs.