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Make your next event memorable and meaningful with a strong keynote address that offers an outside perspective and motivates change. Our team of executive coaches features experienced speakers who balance inspiration with specific actions to drive your organization toward real results. We work with you to customize the message, uncovering the right mix of training, inspiration and action. Packed with real-world and practical examples directly from the “coaches seat,” our coaches deliver compelling speeches to help teams improve the way they lead and live.


  • Renewed focus and energy
  • New ideas and actions to improve work and life
  • Strong event evaluations
  • Shared goals and motivation

Sample Topics

In addition to any of our workshop topics that can be customized for keynote presentations, here are some past topics we’ve delivered with great feedback from clients and audiences.

  • It Starts with Self-Leadership
    If you are looking to bring your best to your team it all starts with how you lead yourself. This session explores how to balance both work and life so that you can make your self-leadership your first priority. We’ll explore four fundamental areas of self-leadership including your overall wellbeing, personal vision, productivity, and execution.
  • Focusing on Your Mindset
    Self-leadership always precedes team leadership. How we show up as leaders affects everyone around us and the results we get. We’ll unpack some proven methods to help leaders better manage their own mindset so they can better show up for those around them.
  • Leading in Difficult Times
    Seasons of change and uncertainty can challenge us as leaders. To be effective, we must adapt how we engage, coach and lead those around us during these times. We’ll explore the key factors driving our beliefs and behaviors during difficult times – and how we as leaders can overcome them and put ourselves and our people in a position to not only survive but thrive.
  • Anatomy of a Leader
    Great leaders know how to balance both the “being” and “doing” of exceptional leadership. By taking a quick “Leadership Checkup,” we’ll walk through the key systems (head, heart, eyes, ears/mouth, hands/feet and gut) to help you diagnose where you’re doing well and where you need to focus some attention.
  • Leadership from the Inside Out
    When it comes to great leadership, beliefs always come before behaviors. What we believe about ourselves, those around us and the world has a tremendous effect on our behaviors and impact. By focusing on our Positive Intelligence (PQ), we can better understand those narratives and beliefs that are either holding our leadership potential back – or propelling us
  • Becoming a Coaching Leader
    Employees today wield more power, control and choice than ever before. They are looking for more than a paycheck and a promise of a promotion. Instead, they are looking for a place where they can belong, contribute meaningful work and have opportunities to grow and develop. We’ll explore the mindset, skills, structure, and focus of Coaching Leaders.
  • Challenging Your Team’s Mindset
    As leaders, we are responsible for helping to manage and focus the mindset of our teams – especially difficult during times of change and uncertainty. We’ll walk through the three most common challenges facing teams today and provide you with practical strategies to equip you and your teammates to overcome them.
  • Keys to Effective Communication
    Many challenges and obstacles teams face stem from poor communication and misaligned expectations. Leveraging the DISC model, we’ll walk through each member’s unique communication behavior style – and focus on effective ways team members can better engage, collaborate and communicate with one another.

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