Lead and Live with Purpose

It’s our mission as an executive coaching firm to prepare every client to pursue a rewarding path that expands opportunities in every aspect of their life – and allows them to contribute to their greatest potential at work, at home and in their communities. A leadership and executive coaching firm with processes developed over two decades, Building Champions can help leaders at all levels drive organizational excellence and achieve extraordinary results.

“A life-transforming experience would be a vast understatement. My coach helped me define true success and then start achieving it, layer-by-layer. My life now has a plan and I am living it. I am literally a new man with a new hunger for life – someone who is living his dream rather than wishing, waiting and wondering if I ever could.”
– Allen Arnold, Former Sr. Vice President, Thomas Nelson Publishing


Better humans make better leaders

The best leaders believe their greatest responsibility is the wellbeing of their people — and they understand that it’s no longer possible to cleanly separate their personal and professional lives. They invest time and energy to help others develop into the best possible versions of themselves — at work, at home and in their communities.

Self-leadership precedes team leadership

By starting with a better understanding of how they think, believe and feel, leaders can improve their relationships, commit to necessary actions and ultimately deliver better results.

Our programs begin with a focus on self-leadership to help you examine thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, competencies and disciplines – because when you lead yourself well, you are better prepared to lead others. 

Leadership is a journey

Great leaders realize the journey is just as important as the destination, and are humble enough to know there is always room to improve. They welcome guidance from those who have gone before them to help chart the course and carry the burden of leadership

Leadership is simple, not easy

Your leadership will be defined by the decisions you make and the influence you have. Every issue leaders face can be put into one (if not both) of these categories. But simple doesn’t mean easy: In order to make the best decisions and grow influence, leaders must work hard to broaden their perspective and understanding in how others view their business and leadership.

It’s about results and relationships

In leadership, results matter and truly exceptional performance cannot be achieved alone. Leaders must inspire their teams, invest in the people around them, and work together toward a common purpose. By pursuing both, they create healthy cultures that bring out the best in others and fuel even greater success.

Our Leadership Development Framework


We help leaders prioritize and focus on their own leadership and development so they can be at their best to bring their best to those they lead and serve – in all areas of their life and business.

Team Effectiveness

Exceptional team leaders must be able to effectively manage and lead others, developing people to deliver results. Our coaches and mentors equip and inspire managers to lead high-performing teams and build dynamic, healthy cultures.

Organizational Impact

To have the greatest impact on their organization, leaders must lift their gaze beyond their role and department. We work with leaders and teams to develop the necessary skills and needed perspective to deliver value and drive change, culture and results for all stakeholders.