Maximize Organizational Impact

Great organizations see building leadership capacity not only as a strategic advantage but as a corporate responsibility. They heavily invest in growing and developing leaders across the organization, knowing that it will have an impact on their bottom line and a positive affect in the lives of their people.

Working with these types of organizations excites us the most. It allows us to leverage our unique experience to be more than a vendor – but rather a leadership partner. Moving beyond short-term programs, we work with you to create scalable systems effectively and efficiently prioritizing leadership development to maximize its impact throughout the organization.

While every organizational leadership development program includes a focus on both leaders and teams, we work with each client to create a custom solution to develop and measure what’s most important to them. That process starts with a consultation to better understand your unique challenges and needs.

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“Working with Building Champions has given us the opportunity to develop our people to be the best they can be. And not only does that bring out their full potential, it brings out ours as a company.
Eileen Frack, General Manager of Human Resources, Daimler Trucks North America


Vision and Strategy

Great organizations know why they exist and have a clear and compelling vision for their future. We provide organizations with a proven process to craft their vision, integrate it into the foundation of their business and create strategies to close the gap and make it a reality.

Leadership Effectiveness

The success of your overall organization is dependent on the effectiveness of your leaders. We provide a proven framework to help every leader and team in your organization increase their effectiveness by improving the decisions they make and the influence they have.

Employee Engagement

Your people are looking for more than just a paycheck and a promotion. We work with companies to develop an intentional strategy to bring out the best in their people by helping them feel connected and passionate about what they do, who they get to do it with and why.

Leadership Development

We love working with companies that see leadership development not only as a competitive advantage but a corporate responsibility. We partner with organizations to create a roadmap to prioritize leadership development across the organization both for the benefit of their people and the long-term success of the business. 

Why Work with Building Champions?

Partner vs Vendor

Our goal is not to sell you something. It’s to help you achieve your vision and goals. We always look to add value, insight and support for the long-term rather than a quick sale. If we’re not the right option for you, we aren’t afraid to say that. We don’t work with clients unless we think we can deliver exceptional results for them. 

Experience Matters

For more than 25 years, we’ve had the privilege to work with some the best leaders, teams and organizations around. We’ve served as their coach and guide in both good times and bad – and are able to leverage the experience and knowledge to help our partners thrive through any season. 

Our Team of Coaches

We’ve assembled a team of passionate and successful coaches that all have real-world leadership experience and proven track records of coaching successful leaders and teams. Rather than forcing you to shop around several companies, this allows us to match every one of your leaders with the best coach for their unique style and situation – no one size fits all approach here.   

Common Language and Focus

One of the downsides of working with independent coaches is that they each bring their own frameworks, tools and language, which can often cause more confusion. While each of our coaches brings a unique voice, they all utilize a similar structure that builds common language, understanding and synergy within your teams and culture. We can also ensure focus on key corporate priorities and share common trends we’re hearing.