Gaining Trust as a Leader [Video]

Are you a trustworthy leader? Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship. And before you, as a leader, can be trusted, you must be able to answer four key questions. Building Champions Coach Dan Foster unpacks each question in the newest Virtual Coaching Tip!

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Video Transcript

Hey, friends. I’m Dan Foster, Vice President and Principal Coach here at Building Champions.

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Now, today, I want to talk to you about four key questions that I believe everyone is asking of you as a leader. I believe at a heart level, before someone is going to allow you, as a leader, to be in a high trust relationship with them, you need to answer these questions for them.

Okay. You ready? First question. Do you really know me? Do you know my strengths and my weaknesses, my unique skills and my abilities, my life and leadership experience, the moments that have shaped me into the person that I am?

Do you know me? The whole me—personal as well as professional?

Second question. Are you for me? Do you want me to be the best version of myself at home as well as at work? And when I mess up, will you extend me grace and allow me to reconcile. When I make a mistake with others, will you defend my character in my heart? Are you for me even when it might not be easy for you?

Third question. Can you help me? Will you share your wisdom and insight with me? Will you challenge my thinking and help me to see new perspectives? When I’m struggling, will you come along beside me and help me? Can you be someone that helps me to reach my goals?

And the final question, are you consistent? Are you someone with good emotional intelligence that’s not triggered easily? Someone that I can count on to be real, authentic and sincere consistently?

Do you walk the talk when it comes to your convictions and what you stand for? Will you be the same person that I see in my Monday morning meeting that I connect with in my Friday meeting?

These four questions are the ones that I think all of your direct reports, your loved ones, the people that you serve. They’re asking these at a heart level and before they’ll open up and trust the person sitting across from them, they need to know the answers.

So, where are the people that you love, lead, and serve at? Would they say that you know them, that you’re for them, that you can help them, and that you’re consistent?

If not, then I encourage you to start today. Go grab a cup of coffee, do it in your one-on-one—heck even do a virtual one-on-one. If you start to help answer these questions for them, it will transform your relationships and your leadership.

And if you want to learn more about how we do this with our clients and how we help our clients to live and lead with greater purpose and intentionality, then check us out

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